Public Consultation

Public Consultation 

Jamestown Southern Entry for Heavy Vehicles

In response to developments in National Heavy Vehicle Laws and requests for access to roads for heavy vehicles, council is working with the State Roads Department  (DPTI) and Federal Government to confirm a preferred route and then secure future grant funds to upgrade and formalise a heavy vehicle route from RM Williams Way into Jamestown from the south. Funding for the project will come from Federal, State and Local Government.

So, we need your feedback. Consultation has commenced with surveys and submissions received from potentially impacted residents and is now widening out to the broader community. While residents on the alternate routes proposed are directly impacted, road users are also and particularly heavy vehicle operators. There may be other business impacts we have not considered.

The lawful heavy vehicle route from the Spalding direction on RM Williams Way is across the bridge on Ayr St. It is common knowledge that this is not practical. The signs on Bute St identifying that street as the Heavy Vehicle Route are providing an alternative route that is not actually approved. Bute St needs considerable work to bring it up to an appropriate standard for safe access if it is to be the approved route. While it is the default route for B-doubles, is it the best route? Thinking of the long term, do the community want that route formalised? Budget costs for upgrading this road and its intersections to an appropriate and safe standard are in the order of $1.2M.

An idea that has been proposed for some time is to extend Clyde St across the creek and upgrade that route to make it the approved route. Clyde St lines up with RM Williams Way, although a “T” junction would be proposed if developed. It provides a straight run out of town continuing on Clyde St on the northern side of Ayr St. There is logic about this route but it will impact a number of homes with through traffic which hasn’t been the case before. Like Bute St, it runs through a residential area. The budget estimate for this option are a little more expensive than for Bute St and are in the order of $1.3M.

Currently a number of road trains operate on permit coming from the south off RM Williams Way onto Williams Road and then Glasson Road, turning down Wilkins Highway and left onto the approved route to the north on Clyde St. This route keeps heavy Vehicles out of residential areas for the longest and is desirable for that reason. To upgrade Williams and Glasson Roads and the respective intersections is likely to cost in excess of $5M. There are significant hurdles involved in this option. Effectively this project would duplicate RM Williams Way for about 7 kilometres. Key funding stakeholders favour the other options and the increased cost of this option, and ongoing maintenance arguments are likely to see the project deferred for some years.

Either of the alternatives have positive and or negative impacts for drivers, motorists, home owners and funding partners. Council has some feedback from residents on the affected streets and are now seeking wider feedback from Jamestown residents, drivers, business owners and visitors.Williams - Glasson Road

 Clyde Street

 Bute Street

 Further Info - Public ConsultationTo have your say about these alternatives, please complete our online survey with the following link.

Hard copy survey forms are also available in the office on Ayr St.

The Survey closes on the 30th June 2018.



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