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Free Activities

Vitamin N Challenge

Vitamin N Challenge

OPAL Geocaching Hire Packs


Geocaching is a free outdoor treasure hunt, where thousands of containers (called geocaches) are hidden around the world, including in the Mid North Region. Geocaches can be found using a GPS or Smartphone.  Free GPS Units are available to hire to adults and children under the age of 18 years (who are accompanied by an adult). The GPS units are provided in a OPAL Geocaching Hire Pack with general information and a list of local caches to get started. Identification and a contact phone number is required. 

The OPAL Geocaching Packs can be hired from :

Spalding General Store

Check availability and opening times: (08) 8845 2032

Over the Edge Sports Store, Melrose

Check availability and opening times: (08) 8666 2222

Flinders Mobile Library

Check availability and opening times: 8662 2305 or 042 8622 305


 Northern Areas Council Activity Trailer

The Northern Areas Council Community Activity Trailer includes fun activity options to create obstacle courses or games at your next  community event, fundraising day, playground party or within a children’s settings.

The ‘Community Activity Trailer’ is available for FREE loan, to Northern Areas Council rates   payers, agencies and community groups within the Northern Areas   Council region ($100 bond is needed for hire and refunded upon return). * A $50.00 LOAN FEE applies for patrons   outside the Northern  Areas Council Region. For more information or to book contact the Northern Areas Council on (08) 8664 1139 or ceo@nacouncil.sa.gov.au




Outdoor Fitness Equipment

OPAL have installed 6 fitness equipment spaces in the region; Wilmington, Wirrabara, Port Germein, Gladstone, Jamestown and Weroona Island. Laura also has an outdoor fitness equipment space installed prior to OPAL. The spaces have been utilised by many local families, schools and local sporting groups.

The Outdoor Fitness Equipment is avaliable FREE of charge and includes signage on how to ise the equipment. Some of the Equipment includes:

  • Chin Up Bars

  • Step Ups

  • Push Up Bars

  • Sit Up Benches

  • Parallel Bars

Using the equipment can contribute to 60mins of normal to vigorous activty needed by children and teenagers each day and 30mins by adults each day.

Fitness and physical activity should be fun. If you're enjoying activity, you'll have no trouble sticking to your goals.

Mission GO WILD & Wet and Wild Mission Packs

Nature Play Kids


In conjunction with Nature Play SA, OPAL challenged kids in the Mid North Region to complete at least 10 nature missions over the school holidays.


Local Maps and Things to do Guides

With family or friends kids  can use a Local Pocket Guide to find appropriate parks and spaces in the local area to start completing missions.

A Pocket Guide is printable resource providing a map of locations, list of parks, playgrounds and trails. It provides information on the type of park or place and the features and facilities available as well as 20 things to do.

NAC Pocket Guide

Nature Play SA Passport Missions

play sa

Kids and families can continue picking hundreds of fun out-door missions, earn points by completing missions, create an online avatar and use ‘points’ to ‘buy’ accessories for your avatar.

Lets Get started: Instructions for parents/guardians:

STEP 1: Jump online; www.natureplaysa.org.au and click ‘Get your passport to a great childhood’. Scroll down the page to the link; ‘To access the missions online please regis-ter your details here ’

STEP 2: Register parent/caregiver details to create a ‘Mission Control’ adult account

STEP 3:Register your child/children

STEP 4: Review and customise your child/children’s missions

STEP 5: Record the user name (first name) and passport number for the chil-dren you have registered.

STEP 6: Help your child to sign in and start completing missions.

Nature Play SA have many fun activities and resources to encourage outdoor play


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