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Venues For Hire

Below is the Current Council owned and managed venues available for hire. Please contact Council during office hours on 8664 1139 or email ceo@nacouncil.sa.gov.au for bookings or enquiries.


 Jamestown Memorial Hall

Ayr St, Jamestown

Hall, Supper Room, Kitchen, Bar

Sir Hubert Wilkins Memorial Visitors Centre

Jamestown Airstrip, Murchland Drive, Jamestown

Suitable for meetings and parties, kitchen facilities



 Spalding District Hall

11 Main Street, Spalding
Hall Complex, Supper Room, Lounge Room, Tressle and Chair Hire

The following venues for hire are Council owned but the bookings and enquires should be directed to the following contacts.


Georgetown Memorial Hall

Pitts Street, Georgetown

Contact: Delma Noonan on 8662 4037


Gladstone Memorial Hall

Fifth Street, Gladstone

Contact: Jan Martin on 8662 2130

Yangya Meeting Room (Town Hall)

Fifth Street, Gladstone

Contact: Jan Martin on 8662 2130

Southern Flinders Regional Sports Complex

Main North Road, Gladstone

Contact: Gladstone High School on 8662 2171


Gulnare Memorial Hall

Railway Terrace, Gulnare

Jenny Edwards – 0408 841 451


Jamestown Medical Centre

Irvine St, Jamestown

Contact: Jamestown Medical Centre Ph: 8664 1078

Meeting Room Facilities

Table Tennis Clubrooms

Victoria Park, Jamestown

Contact: Michelle Hams on 8665 3241

Tennis Clubrooms

Victoria Park, Jamestown

Contact: Clive Swan on 8664 1689 (Home) or 8664 1032 (Work)

Football Clubrooms

Victoria Park, Jamestown

Contact: Jenni-Lee Case on 0427 640 511 or oulavale@bigpond.com

The Big Shed (Sports Stadium)

Victoria Park, Jamestown

Contact: Michelle Stacey on 0427 640 136 or stacey1@bigpond.com


Laura Civic Centre

Hughes Street, Laura

Contact: Ian White on 8663 2581

Laura Sporting Reserve Club Rooms

East Tce, Laura

Contact: Tammie Nettle on 0417 821 602


Narridy Hall

Thomas Street, Narridy

Contact: Julie Price on 8636 4016

Stone Hut

Stone Hut Soldiers Memorial Hall

Main Road, Stone Hut

Contact: Brian Kotz on 0412 613 145


Washpool Hall

RM Williams Way, Washpool

Contact: Narelle Cootes on 0488 654 057


Yacka Memorial Hall

Main North Road

Contact: Leanne Kunoth on 8846 4018



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