08 8664 1139

Government Information

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Federal Member

Mr Rowan Ramsey MP
Federal Member for Grey

104 Ellen St
Port Pirie SA 5540
Ph: 8633 1744
Fax: 8633 1749
Freecall: 1800 815 816

PO Box 296
Port Pirie SA 5540

State Members

Member for Stuart

Mr Dan Van Holst Pellekaan MP

Stuart Electorate Office

Shop 2, Young Street

Port Augusta SA 5700

Phone: 8642 3633

Fax: 8642 6402

Email: stuart.portaugusta@parliament.sa.gov.au

In this area the House of Assembly seat of Stuart covers the towns of Jamestown and Spalding and the communities of Caltowie and Tarcowie.

Member for Frome

Mr Geoff Brock MP

Frome Electorate Office

Shop C, Ellen Centre

Port Pirie SA 5540

Phone: 8633 1210

Fax: 8633 1758

Email: frome@parliament.sa.gov.au

In this are the House of Assembly seat of Frome covers the towns of Laura, Gladstone, Georgetown, Yacka and Gulnare.


Local Development Boards can provide free assistance to businesses wishing to expand, relocate or invest within the region. The local Development Board covering this Council area is:

Regional Development Australia – Yorke and Mid North

Port Pirie Office

85 Ellen Street

Port Pirie SA 5540

Phone: 1300 742 414

Fax: 8632 5724

Email: info@yorkeandmidnorth.com.au

Web: http://www.yorkeandmidnorth.com.au


Northern Areas Council
PO Box 120, Jamestown SA 5491
Phone: 8664 1139 | Fax: 8664 1085 |ceo@nacouncil.sa.gov.au