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Belalie Art Gallery

Features minimal work by local artists and specialise in exhibitions and extravagant events. Only recently, it has been restored and formed into a modern gallery with many opportunities. If anyone is interested in having a look in the gallery, contact Voumard Lawyers Ph: 8664 1043 for the key and keep your eye open for special events coming up.

Belalie Creek

Running through the township of Jamestown, Belalie Creek is a calm location ideal for BBQ's, picnics and just a quiet, peaceful walk.

Bundaleer Forest

This Forest represents the first, tree planting ever attempt by a Government in Australia. The name Bundaleer originates from the Aboriginal word meaning stony place, and between the hills. The forest today remains a cultivation of forest trees, used for wood production. It is a favourite recreation spot for the people of Jamestown and the surrounding districts, offering an ideal atmosphere for a BBQ or a picnic. The Scenic, Maple and Conservative Walks take eager walkers on tours through the forest accompanied by informative direction signs.

Jamestown National Trust Museum

Opened in October 1971, as a part of the Jamestown and District Centenary Celebrations, the museum collection reflects the way of life of farming families and the town activities developed to service the agricultural industries. Feature exhibits include, locally manufactured farm machinery, Bundaleer forest history, a Both designed iron lung with family connections to the Caltowie Flour mill, the railways and a carriage, formerly used as an ambulance, before being converted to railway workers accommodation. The South Australian Farmers Union, later Southern Farmers, and the Australia wide business of MS McLeod Pty Ltd originated on Jamestown, these and all other exhibits are complimented by an interesting collection of old photographs. The museum, in the former Railway Station, has a resident caretaker and is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 2.30pm and occasionally on Sunday 2pm to 4pm.    


The town murals are on various buildings in and around Ayr Street. These murals create a visual history of the development of the town and the changes which have ultimately occurred.

Sir Hubert Wilkins Visitors Centre

This building has a display featuring the life adventures of an Australian explorer, scientist, pilot, photographer and writer. Wilkins was knighted in 1928, and the aerodrome in Jamestown symbolizes the life of a valuable explorer and someone significant in the eyes of flyers. His focus at the aerodrome draws attention to his birth in South Australia, not far from Jamestown at Mt. Bryan East in 1888. For more information or to arrange a time to view the life story Wilkins, contact Mr. Merv Robinson Ph: 8664 1838.

Jamestown Local History Centre

Housed in the former Primary School, Doon Terrace, the centre has a wide collection of local business and community records, including club minute books, business accounts, and copies of the local newspapers from 1878 to the present. For family historians there are the usual South Australian records of births, deaths and marriages, also local cemetery records with headstone photos, school records and photos, also war service records. There is a good collection of local and family history books and all types of DVD’s of local history including the Bundaleer Forest and the Flour Mill. The History Centre is Open from 1.30pm to 4.30pm on the last Sunday of every month, except December. For enquiries at other times please phone 8665 2036, 8665 2065 or 8664 1380  


Gladstone Gaol

The heritage listed Gladstone Gaol which was built between 1879 and 1881 was initially used for inebriates, debtors and other prisoners. It was de-commissioned ini 1975 having served as a major regional gaol, an internment camp and a military detention barracks. Tours of this site can be arranged by contacting (08) 8662 2200.

Grain Storage

The Ausbulk grain storage centre at Gladstone is the largest inland grain storage site in Australia with the capacity to take up to 20,000 tonnes of grain per day.

Rail Heritage

Gladstone is one of only three centres in Australia which can boast to have had each of the three different railway gauges operating simultaneously (narrow, standard and broad gauge).


Parklands Site

The Laura community has developed a park lands site to the north of the town with facilities for visitors to break their journey to or from the Flinders Ranges.

CJ Dennis

Laura was home for the famed poet CJ Dennis and a large copper statue of the poet can be seen in the main street. The Laura Historical Centre has a display of CJ Dennis memorabilia.


Water Channels

The region surrounding Spalding contains remnants of channels which were constructed to direct water into the Bundaleer Reservoir (located 5km north of the town)

Trout Fishing

Situated adjacent to the Broughton River, Spalding was host to the recent national trout fishing championships.


History Centre

Boasting one of the best collections of regional historical information the Georgetown History Centre is located in the main street and resources can be accessed by contacting 8888 1122.

Historic Buildings

Characterized by a magnificent heritage hotel and general store, Georgetown's wide street, parklands and picnic facilities appeal to visitors travelling along the Main North Road.


Historic Buildings

The community of Yacka with its striking heritage Town Hall building was included in the 2000 Olympic Torch Relay.

Yackamoorundie Park

The Yackamoorundie Park, on the banks of the Broughton River, is a great place for a picnic, or just for a break to stretch your legs. The Park has a free electric barbecue and toilet facilities, and is home to five spectacular mosaic tables.

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